Better Store Search - (Mar 31th, 2017)
* Words/Phrases from the search term can be automatically disregarded (useful for stop words)
* Compatible with Magento CE

Better Store Search - (Dec 6th, 2016)
Bug Fixes
* Magento 1.9.3 compatibility issue
* Search does not return an empty result under Magento CE

Better Store Search - (Nov 5th, 2015)
Bug Fixes
* BSS-174: Suport for SUPEE-6788

Better Store Search -	
Bug Fixes
* Warning: strpos(): Empty delimiter in.......

Feature Requests
* Match results against product tags
* Match results against category names
* Add manual search modifier for categories

* Skip CMS pages indexing if configuration option to search CMS pages is not enabled
* "Did you mean" text must be added on the translation file
NOTE: BSS 3.4 is compatible with PHP >5.3 or higher.
 If you are running a lower PHP version, you will need to update.

Better Store Search -
Bug Fixes
* Force search results to be sorted descending when Sort By = Relevance
* Price Layered Navigation issues
* Excessive and inaccurate admin notifications on fresh install
* After installation modal for notification shows HTML code.

Feature Requests
* Option to disallow partial word matching
* Option to disable partial word matching
* Add some configuration option to easily select which CMS pages should be indexed

* Force search results to be ordered by relevance
* Add TestSweet extension conflict checker to BSS and check for conflicts after install
* Change Configuration Label in admin panel
* Improve CMS pages
* Update 'bss_weight' attribute to be used when 'Flat Catalog Product' option is enabled	

Better Store Search -
* Option to choose between OR and AND searching
* Search for CMS Pages
* BSS working better with synonyms
* DYM issues with secure URL's on NGINX servers
* More intelligent DYM system	

Better Store Search -
* BSS-84 - Magento 1.7 compatibility issue
* BSS-82 - BSS extends deprecated class in Magento
* BSS-83 - BSS Compability to Magento version 1.7

Better Store Search -
* If HTTPS is enabled for the whole site, Did You Mean may not work when accessing using HTTP
* A quick way to turn effects off/on
* [Front-end Functionality] Minimal Query Length = Error
* BSS support for Flat Catalog Product
* [Back-end Functionality] Bundle Better Store Search with Test Sweet tester module
* Error running Test Sweet
* Search passes "as" to squl querry causing crash
* Move everything to the base theme
* Errors on google crawling the site
* Admin is not able to save values in Search Weight Modifier +/- field

Better Store Search -
* Pluralization recognition malfunction
* version checking for Magento 1.5+ Stores does not work
* DYM feature does not complete correctly in IE 7-8.

Better Store Search - 3.1.1
* Blank Search Returns Error
* Use levenshtein to calculate word distance if now phonetic match found and improve results of DYM

Better Store Search - 3.1.0
* Does Not Recognize English Synonyms Correctly (in Magento Catalog -> Search Terms section)
* "Please check your Better Store Search registration code" error on some pages after server multi-store/special path change
* error when searching if result is filtered into empty final result
* Search profiler feature to show when BSS is working and the effects it's made.
* Catalog Search Profiler
* DYM feautre does not not show for sites that do HTTPS searching

Better Store Search - 3.0
* Show custom # (multiple) products in the DYM results list
* DYM for actual word instead of product match
* DYM Cache of terms results
* if installation is interrupted from v2.0 to v2.0.1: Syntax error or access violation: 1091 Can't DROP 'pns' ...
* ereg_replace issue on php 5.3.*
* Zend_Db_Statement_Exception on Magento 1.4.2 RC1
* Individual product weightings of '0' are considered during search.
* Some searches with brackets cause error on some stores
* Exception thrown during upgrade from 1.1. to 2.0 if column already exists.
* Upgrade to 2.0.1 doesn't work if custom table prefixes exist.

Better Store Search - 2.0.1
* Move BSS indexes to separate table(s)
* Unable to Rebuild Search Index after upgrade to 2.0
* Did You Mean feature for Magento 1.3 stores
* magento 1.3.2 gives error after search reindexing
* Products with spaces in the SKU cause DYM feature to redirect back to DYM match

Better Store Search - 2.0
* don't do a plural word match for words less than 2 characters
* did you mean ______? typo checking.
* Match products when space is omitted from query
* Exact match SKU results
* Full phrase searches with AS in the query give an error
* Sku weighting system does not work on some stores

Better Store Search -
* Table prefix support error (table not found error)

Better Store Search - 1.0.2
* layed nav attributes shows 1 result incorrectly for attributes and prices.
* Pagination dissappears on some stores.

Better Store Search - 1.1.0
* Parse error in filters on some stores
* Unnecessary log entries
* Read hyphenation intelligently
* Plural work checker

Better Store Search - 1.0.1
* Failsafe procedure doesn't work
* Site throws exception on searching: Item (Mage_Catalog_Model_Product) with the same id "583" already exist