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After making your purchase your license key and installation instructions wil be sent to you through the e-mail you specify below. You should receive this information shortly after purchase.

$249.00 USD
Better Store Search Standard License

Compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.4 - 1.9.4
$699.00 USD
Better Store Search Enterprise License

Compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition 1.9+

What You Get With Your Purchase

1. Each license applies to one Magento installation, but unlimited stores/websites per Magento installation.
2. Each license includes unlimited updates for 365 days.
3. If it doesn't improve your store search, you can get a full refund within 30 Days.
4. Installing on different server/domain development environments is allowed as long as they are specifically for the purpose of the main installation for which the license was purchased.


It works great!. I have 200,000 art prints on my website, and before I installed the Better Store Search module, a search of "Monet" returned a useless first page...

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Great product. Works great! A must for any true ecommerce shop...

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We use your extension for and it's already 100 times better then Magento's original searchfunction. For example, try to search for CLT 4092. Normally Magento would show us 3 pages of junk. Now it just shows the right products. Isn't that amazing!

- Hachmang & Otten