Better Store Search - Installation Guide

This installation guide assumes that you meet all System Requirements. To avoid loss of sales due to incompatibilities with unique store installations, we highly recommend you install Better Store Search on a Staging or Development environment first. 

NOTE: BSS can be installed on 1 development site and 1 live site provided they share the same base domain.  

For this guide you will require: 

  1. An FTP connection to your store's home directory.
  2. Your license key.
  3. The latest file pack of Better Store Search.

Installation using FTP

  1. Unzip or untar the Better Store Search files into a local directory. 
  2. Move all files into their respective directories in your Magento installation directory on the FTP server as they appear after unzipping/untaring the package.
  3. Clear your store cache and log out of all your admin accounts, then log back in. This refreshes Magento ACL date (administrative permissions) 
  4. Clear your cache and rebuild flat catalogs and indexes, then log-out and log back in to refresh the admin permission settings. 
  5. In your back-end Magento store Go to Better Store Search -> Configuration through the menu. If the Registration section is there, go to the Registration section and enter in your license key and hit "save". 
  6. If you're using Better Store Search 1.1 or higher, you will also need to clear any saved search term results in your Magento store in order to take advantage of plural and hyphenation product search optimization. You will need to clear the saved searches for only plural and hyphenated searches that you wish to update. 

If installation was successful then you should see a new product attribute called "Search Weight Modifier" in the Catalog > Manage Attributes section.

Additional Steps

For Magento 1.3.x please follow these additional steps to move theme files from base/default directory to default/default:

To clear old search results, go into the you Catalog > Search Terms section in your Magento admin. Select the keywords for which you would like to reset the search results for, and use the upper-right drop-down box to delete them. Unfortunately, you will also lose your saved search statistics for the entries your delete.